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Express Services

Express Services Farmington MI - Massage, Reflexology, Sauna - Bellis Therapeutic Spa - express

Busy schedule? Bellís offers a variety of express spa services for a quick escape or add-on to any spa service.

Aqua Chi Foot Bath

The Aqua Chi detoxification treatment combines the living properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge to amplify the body’s ability to heal and help detoxify the body. By stimulating your organs and lymphatic system through channeling of positive & negative currents, stress induced & environmental toxins are removed through your feet’s 2000+ pores and made visible in the water of your foot bath. Rebalance & detox your body in just 30 minutes. After your treatment you will enjoy a brief foot massage using our all natural foot cream to keep you feet balanced and hydrated.
Regular Price: $40          Wellness Member: n/a                   

Brown Sugar Foot Scrub

Our famous Brown Sugar Foot Scrub starts with a warm foot soak in our White Tea & Ginger bath bomb to relax those tired achy feet. Once you’re resting comfortably we exfoliate the dead skin cells from the feet, following up with a heavenly masque applied to the foot and ankles. This service comes to an end with warm towels and a moisturizing massage of the feet. You won’t want to put your shoes on your new silky smooth feet. This service goes well as a wonderful ending to any massage.
Regular Price: $35          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Ear Candling

Are you having a hard time hearing? Does your family ever ask you why the volume is so loud? Suffering from sinus congestion? Then this is the treatment for you. Ear Candling cleanses the internal ear canal loosening the wax. This non-invasive technique will help to open blocked ears, loosen nasal congestion and relax your sinuses. Clients have even mentioned that food taste better after having an Ear Candling. It’s worth trying! 
Regular Price: $35          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Express Facial

Always wanted to try a facial, but never seem to have the time. Try a 30-minute invigorating facial that’s sure to leave your complexion glowing while you’re on the go. Starts with a double cleanse, followed by a refreshing exfoliation, soothing masque, toner and moisturize. This facial is sure to make heads turn, with your beautiful glow. 
Regular Price: $45          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Hand and Foot Reflexology

This marvelous therapeutic treatment focuses on pressure points of the hands and feet to balance the body.
Regular Price: $40          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Hot Stone Foot Massage

Enjoy a soothing massage with the use of warm stones on pressure points to release the built-up stress from a long day.
Regular Price: $35          Wellness Member: n/a                  


Mini Bellis Massage

A relaxing massage to release stress and tension from the body, while boosting the body’s immune system.
Regular Price: $40          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Sauna Treatment

This is the perfect addition to any service or massage. 
Helps to relax the muscles making for a more smoother massage. 

Regular Price: $20          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Scalp Massage

Enjoy a refreshing massage of the scalp and hair to relax the mind. Excellent addition to any massage or facial treatment!
Regular Price: $20          Wellness Member: n/a                  

Stress Reliever

Pressure point massage focusing on the temples and eyes.
Regular Price: $20          Wellness Member: n/a