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Let's Talk About Mental Health!

Let's Talk About Mental Health! - Blog - Bellís Therapeutic Spa - yoga

We as people know all types of ways to take care of our bodies. At times we can become overwhelmed by all the fads that come with physical health from diets like The Atkins Diet to The Grapefruit Diet. We sometimes spend large sums of money on gym memberships or workout videos. Not that any of these things are bad for you, but let’s take a step back for a minute and look at a bigger picture. One very important, often underrated and misinterpreted part of our overall health is our mental health. A healthy mind is the root of so many great opportunities. A clear mind can motivate, stimulate and promote assimilation in your life. If we aren’t paying attention to our mental stability we can become subject to depression, lack of intimate relationships, sleep deprivation, weight gain, negative or self destructive thoughts, feeling helpless or hopeless, and becoming dependent on addictive substances. Without taking care of our mental state, all of our time, energy and money spent perfecting our bodies can go to waste.

However, if we join them together, we have a recipe for ultimate success.


So, in honor of our minds, we at Bellis Therapeutic Spa, present five helpful tips to encourage a clear, strong and happy mentality!


  1. Meditation- Meditation is a truly simple way to offer peace of mind and serenity at the beginning or end of everyday. It is a great way to connect your mind to your body, offering yourself harmony and wellness in all that you do. And it truly is simple! All you need to do is find at least 15 minutes or more to yourself in a quiet, undisturbed area. Play calming music, or keep complete silence, whatever works for you and sit or lie in a comfortable position. In this time, focus on nothing but your breathing. Let you mind clear itself of all thoughts or stresses. If your mind wanders, it’s ok, just pull it back to your breathing and begin clearing it again. This process can go on as long as you feel it necessary. When you come to, you should feel refreshed, stimulated and happy. Your mind should feel like a cleared slate, ready for anything. Try it!
  2. Self care- Taking care of one’s self is a very personal agenda. It’s versatile to each individual person. For some, self care can come in the form of taking a bath or getting a professional massage. Here at Bellis Therapeutic Spa, we specialize in this form of self care with a large number of services that will nourish your mind body and spirit. For others it may be a long weekend of focusing on your favorite hobby. It could even be as simple as reading a good book. Self care is also about making good choices for oneself. If something makes you uncomfortable, avoid it. If it makes you unhappy, don’t do it. Learning how to not compromise your wellbeing is a large part of taking care of you. Always remember: It’s not selfish, it’s self care.
  3. Positive affirmation- Who knows you better than yourself? No one! Always keep this in mind, because sometimes you and only you know what is best for you! You know all of your strengths. You know what you can do! Don’t doubt yourself. It’s never bad to be your biggest cheerleader. Others may doubt you, but that’s just because they don’t know what you’re actually capable of. So, tell yourself, “I can and I will!” Then, do it!
  4. Supportive relationships- Relationships are such a vital part of living. Connecting with other humans is ultimately what makes us, well, human. This is why it is so important to surround yourself with people who encourage you in all that you do. If you feel that lately you have secluded yourself, maybe by spending more time in front of the TV or computer or you don’t go out much, you may be lacking in supportive relationships. However, it is simple to reverse! Try finding people you have subtle things in common with. You don’t have to see eye to eye on everything, but if you can communicate through those grey areas and still find that you genuinely like that person, it could become a great healthy relationship for you! Don’t be afraid to join in and try new things! This could lead to great opportunities for you! Ultimately, finding good people whom you feel comfortable sharing things with can help reduce stress and increase confidence.  
  5. Physical health- Taking care of your self physically is a major stepping stone in mental health. In order to feel good on the inside, you must feel good on the outside. It all starts with resting. Maintaining a balanced and complete sleep schedule makes sure you have the energy to face each and every day. A rested mind is a healthy one! Eating healthy and staying in shape are detrimental ways to stay happy. You don’t have to look like a model, by any means, but you do want to feel confident in the way you look. However, make sure that when you are focusing on this you aren’t doing it for how others will feel about you, but for how you feel about you. Physical health can also come from something as simple as getting enough sun. Sunlight supports happiness and it is recommended to get at least 10 to 15 minutes of it a day. Lastly, limiting the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs will help to avoid negativity in your life. Though these things stimulate your mind and body short term, their downfalls last far longer.


Let these tools help you become the person you are meant to be! Our minds are powerful things, so imagine what they can do when they are in shape! Being mentally and emotionally well means you will feel:

  • Contentment
  • Balance in both work and leisure
  • Calm and confident in adapting to change
  • Excited about life
  • Motivated to build lasting relationships
  • Heightened self-confidence
  • And you will notice a sense of meaning and purpose throughout every aspect of life.


Come into Bellis to begin your mental health journey!


Written by: Tessa Baergen

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