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8 Lesser-Known Benefits of Drinking Water

8 Lesser-Known Benefits of Drinking Water - Blog - Bellís Therapeutic Spa - why-drink-water-for-better-health_1-1024x664
#1 Clears toxins
By drinking plenty of water, you will help your liver and kidneys flush toxins out of your body.
#2 Clearer, healthier skin
 By staying hydrated, your skin will be smoother, softer, less dry, and may even reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.
#3 Stronger muscles
Drinking plenty of water can prevent muscle cramps and also help build muscle tone, resulting in stronger muscles.
#4 Increases your metabolism
A 2003 study showed that drinking about 17 oz of cold water can increase the metabolism by 30%. A faster metabolism often equals more energy too!
#5 Increased Energy
Dehydration can often lead to a "slump" where you feel tired without much energy. This is because water is so vital for your body to function well.
#6 Weight Loss
By drinking a glass of water, you can reduce hunger and reduce how much you eat. 
#7 Reduced Headaches
A common cause of headaches is dehydration or fatigue. Drinking more water can help with both of those issues.
#8 Improved Cognitive Function
Drinking enough water may even improve cognitive function! While the jury is still out on whether this is true for everyone, a 2012 study found that undergraduate students who brought water into an exam improved their grade simply by staying hydrated.

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